The Hunt

The stalk for Sika deer can be demanding, and a good level of fitness is an advantage. However, we will try to adapt the hunt to the individual hunter's capabilities. These are wild animals that live in a harsh but very beautiful environment. There is no comparison between hunting Sika in Ireland and shooting a roe buck.

A hunting trip with Irish Deer Hunting consists of 3-4 full days of hunting. We're out both morning and evening. The hunting trip can always be adapted according to your wishes and needs.

Arrival day:
We typically meet up in the evening, when you will receive your permits and be given information about the hunt.  You will also meet your stalkers that evening.

Typical hunting day:
You will be collected from your accommodation early in the morning and brought to the hunting area. The morning hunt usually finishes around 10 or 11 am, when you are driven back to your accommodation for breakfast and a few hours rest.

The evening hunt starts at 4pm, when you will again be collected and driven to the hunting area.  The hunt finishes at dusk, when you are brought back to your accommodation. Evening meal will be provided in a local restaurant.

In some cases you might be out hunting all day, for example if your are in the mountains, or in a hunting area far from your accommodation.  That will be arranged locally with your stalker.

We also offer:

  • Hunting wild goats in the mountains near the coast. It is an exciting and sometimes demanding hunt - here too we will make sure that the individual hunter gets a good experience and a fine trophy.
  • Night hunting for foxes and rabbits. This can be requested in advance or arranged locally.
  • Crow hunting.
  • Combination of pigeon hunting and sika hunting in early September.
  • Walking holiday with a professional guide.
  • Golfing holiday.  Can be combined with a hunting trip.
  • Fishing holiday.
  • Company/business trips.