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"Our goal is to give our guests a total experience. Not only to bring home a beautiful trophy, but also to have a great experience in the Irish countryside.
The combination of Irish hospitality, cosy pubs, high mountains and hunting allows for the ultimate hunting experience".

Niels Nielsen, owner.

Irish Deer Hunting is owned and operated by Niels Nielsen, who is Danish and has been a hunter since he was 14 years old.  Niels has lived in Ireland with his Irish girlfriend since 2011.  He founded Irish Deer Hunting in 2013. Since then, an increasing number of hunters have visited south-west Ireland every year to hunt Sika deer with Irish Deer Hunting.

Ireland is a beautiful and breathtaking country. The areas we hunt in are easily the most beautiful part of the country, and often leave our guests breathless!

Likewise, the people who live here are both open and friendly. Ireland's cultural history has deep roots in the community and this is reflected in the way the Irish perceive and live life. Many will think of the cosy pubs, the whisky and the dark Guinness beer when they think of Ireland. If you've experienced the true Irish vibe in the pub, along with the locals,  then you've really experienced Ireland.

Our team consists of several professional stalkers who have knowledge of the animals' habits and movement patterns. Our stalkers are all local and therefore know the areas where we hunt. They all have many years of experience in the hunt for Sika. They do everything possible to ensure that every visiting hunter gets the hunting experience and trophy they have come for. Without them and their enormous experience of hunting in the area, we would not be able to give our guests the same hunting experience. They are the cornerstone of Irish Deer Hunting.

At Irish Deer Hunting, we combine an unforgettable hunting experience along with the experience of real Ireland!

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