Deer Management

Deer in Ireland are an important part of the natural heritage, existing in Ireland since Neolithic times over 5,000 years ago and are a protected species under the Wildlife Acts with strict controls and seasons for their management.

In the absence of a natural predator, it falls on man to maintain deer numbers at sustainable levels to minimise negative impacts for farming, forestry and the wider ecosystem, hunters carry out an important role in this regard with over 40,000 deer culled in Ireland annually. Such deer management generates sustainable, organic, and healthy venison, a super food that is high in iron and vitamin B while low in cholesterol and fat.

At Irish Deer Hunting all our deer management is carried out to the highest ethical and sustainable standards with the goal of supporting all land objectives including farming and biodiversity.

To read more on best practice deer management in Ireland, visit the Irish Deer Commission Best Practice Guide Website Page.